Tuesday, August 10, 2004

As Good As it Gets

Sit back and prepare for a preview of the items I am entering in the Great Allentown Fair.

First I made a shawl. If a triangle dishcloth shawl made from LB Homespun can win a ribbon, just imagine what a really nice shawl can do! So I dragged out some Woolease that I had in the ol' stash and started to knit.

I do love this shawl:

I have drooled over the photo in this book:

that I bought used for four bucks about 10 years ago.

Earlier this year, I decided to attempt the knitting and produced a slightly less lacy version:

The fringe is what really sets it off. First you cable, then you drop some of the stitches.
To make a fringe that looks like this:
up close and personal.
Of course I am entering it in the fair! Do I look dumb?

More tomorrow.

That shawl is absolutely gorgeous. They'd be mad not to give you first place (and the associated exchorbitant $6 prize ... *g*)
First place in shawls is $2!

Wow! I'll be rich!

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