Monday, July 26, 2004

Unfinished Business

Now that I've committed to entering, I find myself pushing hard to complete my various projects for the fair.

Tonight I discovered that I am a mere 9.5 rows from the end of the afghan-from-Hades. Lord, I hate working with Lion Homespun! The damned stuff squeaks! And, of course, the Addi circular that I have in the right size is one of those with the tubing in place of a thin cable, so it's a pain in the arse to work with, too. Like I said: afghan-from-Hades!

I put a couple more rows on the "bootees" tonight. I think the lace pattern on the cuff is really pretty special. I managed to pick up an extra stitch along the way which threw the lace pattern off, which caused me to swear a lot and tink (unknit) and twice, I thought I was back to the proper 51 stitches, and so, I finished the row, counted again and &*$#@ FIFTY TWO! So I finally discovered where the extra stitch was, and next row, decreased that sucker out of there! Success!

We're closing in on the posting of pictures. By the time these things are done, I'll have it down. (Right now, my ISP keeps telling me I'm "forbidden."

I hear my pillow calling my name!

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