Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Rains Came

And came, and came, and came. . .

I think my feet have begun to web.

We bailed out early at work today. "Work" sits squarely between two streams in a 100-year flood plain. In the five years I've been there, it's flooded more than a few times. Usually, it's nothing serious, but today, one of the guys left at 3 (as usual) and called mere minutes later to say that they were starting to block off access roads because the water was rising.

As soon as we could, we locked up and left. My usual route was still open, but there was a foot wide stream crossing the road already, and now, 5 hours later, it's still raining, and rain is predicted through the night. Gee, I wonder if I'll be able to get to work in the morning. The park was under water already this afternoon.

 I've spent the evening surfing and reading e-mail (I think I belong to too many lists) and knitting away on the afghan-from-Hell that I needed only 9 more rows to finish.

So I mis-read. Shoot me--please and make this misery go away.

5 1/2 rows later, I still have 8 1/2 rows to go.



Couldn't you just ... like ... um ... cast off and say it's done?

Not that I ever would have done anything of the sort. And if I HAD cast something off early I would never have sewn it into the middle of a patchwork blanket, pretended that I meant to do that and then given it to the homeless.
Well, I guess I could, but it'll look pretty strange with seed stitch on only 3 sides.
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