Thursday, July 22, 2004

Long Day's Journey Into Night

It has been a very long day that started way too early (5 a.m.) and ended way too late. It was Advisory Board meeting day and the chair had very kindly invited us to meet at his beautiful creek-side home after work (we usually meet at 7:30 in the morning), then to stay for dinner.

The setting was drop-dead gorgeous, dinner was wonderful (paella and a salad of fresh chopped garden stuff and flan for dessert), but it was still a long, long day.

So I accomplished no knitting and the fair (Great Allentown Fair) looms large.

I must commit to enter within the next couple of days and there is much to finish (and almost as much to start and finish) before the end of August. I can do this (or die trying)!


I'll be attempting (3rd try) this weekend to add photos to this blog. Then I can show some of the cool stuff that's finished--maybe.

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