Friday, July 23, 2004

Home Alone

I had the house to myself last night. It gave me some time to put The Fair into perspective and to determine if it is even possible for me to get my shit together quickly enough to enter this year.

Background: About 5 years ago, after seeing the very sparse knit offerings at The Great Allentown Fair, I decided to try my hand. Each year since, I've entered the maximum (10 pieces)  in the "needlework" department, and have branched out into the "mixed materials" (mostly Christmas decor) department.

I've been pleasantly surprised to win several ribbons and loads (sarcasm) of cash. Since the top prize (for a full-size afghan) is $6, clearly, I will not retire on my winnings. But still. . .

It's been a hellish summer for knitting (no time, little energy) and I have been throwing myself into charity knitting (Critter Knitters, Ship Support, Native American Support) so competition has been one of the last things on my mind.

I'm down to the wire, now though. It is literally "shit or get off the pot" as the deadline to enter looms. Actual finished items are not due until the end of August, so I need to assess my potential.

Completed: shawl (from one of the "Knits from Beatrix Potter"-type books in Woolease), dish/facecloth (just finished--old Leisure Arts pattern), little cotton "Beach Beanie" (from a recent Knitter's issue in Aunt Lydia's Denim), baby blankie (Bernat Breeze pastels, "log cabin" pattern), baby cardigan (Debbie Bliss Quick Baby Knits, Red Heart "Soft"-yick, way too little body for my taste), and a cotton tee shirt ("Bob" from So that's 6.

In varying stages of completion: that full size afghan (pattern from House of White Birches, yarn by Lion--Homespun--another yick, but the intended recipient will like it), a pair of socks (Bobbles and Lace from Cast On accessories special, Kroy sock yarn). That takes me to 8.

Being considered (not cast on yet): Origami mittens (from an on-line pattern), a felted potholder, a felted tote, baby booties, a toy from one of the Debbie Bliss books. Pick 2.

Also under consideration (that "other" category): Chistmas stocking, Christmas ornament, pair of snowpeople, Mr. and Mrs. Claus.

Forge ahead!

Speaking as someone who has never yet managed to enter anything at all in a fair (I give everything away the minute I finish it ... if in fact I finish at all), I have to say I'm impressed! You've got six done already. I'd say you're good to go :)
Oh yes, and with regard to the "pick two" list ... do the Debbie Bliss toy and the felted tote. Then, after the fair, put the toy IN the tote and send them both to me. *g*

You're welcome.
Excellent ideas, Rabbitch. Read on, though, to see how I resolved the issue.
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