Sunday, February 06, 2005

Old Yeller

It never ceases to amaze me. I put aside a project (for whatever reason), and later dig it back out and finish it in a matter of hours. What was so overwhelmingly overwhelming when I put it on the back burner?

The yellow tee-top is an FO. I think it needed all of about 2 hours. Maybe less.

And it looks good and fits fine. And I will wear it as soon as it warms up a little.

And on another note, the Alien Scarf is also an FO. It's on the blocking board (the pool table). I'll get a picture on the recipient after it dries.

Then I cast on another scarf (yes, this is "I-don't-make-scarves" writing), this one, something quick and (I thought) simple from S&B Nation. What's the big deal? Double stranded mohair blend (Katia Soft) a bit heavier @ 87 yds/25 g v. 116 yds/25 g for the original (Anny Blatt Angora Super), but it's making a nice fabric and the gauge is spot on, and besides, it's a scarf for lord's sake, not a dress! "Fake" cabled rib. Twenty-two stitches wide.

The big deal is, the #11 needles! Aside from the torture of working with needles that size? the slipperiness of the yarn. The double strand? Nothing!

Four tries later, I'm on my way. Rejected: 2 different Addi Turbo circs (cable issues) and a pair of Boye 14" (length issues). I settled on my 7" Brysspun dpns. Just enough grab, perfect length.

I am hoping to use up a big whack of the pink stash on this one.

Film at 11.

Old Yeller is really lovely. I'm so impressed.

How did you like doing the alien scarf? I just got the yarn on Thursday (just blew my yarn diet) and hope to start it this weekend.

I hope this week goes better for you.
Oops! I called my UFO "old yeller" also. Call me a copycat ...

Yours is lovely :)
Sandy, I made multiple copies of the alien chart (blown up slightly) and checked off each row. Notice that each dark row is the negative of each light one! (took me two repeats to catch that!
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