Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Think I've Reached the End

Miles of mindless soul-sucking garter stitch + more miles of mind-altering tedious i-cord + four really cute buttons = one completed Tomten sweater.

The basics: The body is Lane Bourgese Knitaly (100% superwash wool), the trim is Austerman Juwel (ditto). The buttons came from here . (Thanks, Anami, for the correction!)
Pattern is Elizabeth Zimmermann. I used the version in The Opinionated Knitter.

I am pleased, though I doubt that I will garter again for a while.

Man, my mind had taken leave of my skull.

The buttons are just the sweeetest, though, aren't they?

They're hand-painted, so each one is just a bit different from his mates.

I think I like the top one best. Or maybe the one on the bottom. No, wait. . .

The workings of a yarnaholic's mind:

I have hit a knitting slump!

I am at the point in the yarn diet (aka Knit From Your Stash) where I must decide if I want to forgo the knitting I want to do (um, no) in favor of further stash reduction. Hmm.

I have used a little over a mile of yarn this month and added nothing to the stash. By my calculations, I used (or broke into) 18 balls. I could (assuming similar consumption between now and May 5) purchase 24 balls and still stay under 500 in my stash. My self-imposed stash-reduction rules say that I could add 14. In any event, I'm thinking "washable wool."

I also need to look no further than the 50+ balls of sock yarn in the three little bins and know for a fact that I do not need any more yarn, washable wool or not. ::sigh::


I love the Tomten and those buttons are the cutest things ever. Some child is going to be so excited when they get a new sweater with awesome teddy bear buttons.

Hey -- perhaps one of your loyal readers, in similar straits, would trade with you for some of that evil sock yarn.
Elizabeth, I do believe that if any of Ann's loyal readers tried to pry her sock yarn out of her stash, they may find themselves buried in the woods.

Seriously, it would take a braver woman than I am to even contemplate it!
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