Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Set Up Row Strikes Again!

My first clue (the one that had me frog the d@mmned set-up row for the second front on the Second First Aran Sweater) was when the ribbing didn't flow into the pattern.

My second clue was the extra stitches at the end of the row.

Ripp-it! (Okay, I tinked (un-knit). I did not rip!)

But the edge is done, the set up is in place. This side should just about knit itself.

Did I say twenty hours still to go? That seems about right.

I am off next week (actually, until the 19th) so I should get this puppy finished washed, blocked and wrapped before I have to go back to work.

I will spend the better part of the week baby-sitting the workmen who are replacing ou kitchen floor. And our bathroom floors. And bringing my new stove. They managed to spread the installation and deliveries out so that my entire week is shot to hell.

Look what came in the mail today!

Is that irony, or what?

Actually, the first red and green stripes are knat up. I figure 2 more green, 3 more red. That will give me a finished size of about 9" X 90" or thereabouts. Sufficient for wrapping 'round the neck.

I don't think that fringe will do. Maybe some tassels. With jingle bells.

I'm open to [reasonable] suggestions.

Sparky thinks it's unfortunate that the cat on the card doesn't have a spiffy sweater. Just a scarf.

Yes, this is an old picture.

I'll need to make her a new one this winter. She's just about outgrown this one. And there's no way that a bare-bellied cat is going out in the snow.
i think both my cats would shoot me before they'd allow me to impinge on their dignity by putting sweaters on them. granted, they're strictly indoor cats, but still.

i vote for tassels and jingle bells for the scarf (i typed gingle twice before i got it right!) i'd put the jingle bells (did it again, dammit!) where you tie the tassel heads(?) sounds cute!
did you know when you typed it "d@mmed" it read it as an email, lol?
I love the cat sweater! I don't think I ever seen a cat wearing sweaters before...usually dogs.
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