Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rocket Surgery

Note to self: When you use the dryer to fluff a new comforter, if you don't reset to a heat setting, you can tumble the laundry forever and it will still be cold and wet when you attempt to fold it.

Even two days later.

Just sayin'.

The Festive Scarf is coming along nicely.

I'm almost finished with the third stripe. I'm thinking 5 or 7 depending on how the measuring measures up.

Definitely tassels, though (I dislike fringe.) and bells, but I think I will safety pin the bells on so that
they can be removed for things like church and such.

Much more mature.

And I am really bogged down on the Aran (First? Second? Who the heck cares at this point?)

I can't read on line (email, egroups, blogs) and cable. I need something relatively mindless. Like the Festive Scarf.

Tomorrow is Movie Night. Or TiVo Night. Right after Grocery Night.

I'll work on it then.

Saturday, I bell ring for the local Sally Ann. I've got my holly dealie bobber head band and my jingly bells (several kinds). Festive!

This is our one single trek to the Mall each December. I'll ring-a-ling for an hour and 20 minutes, then we'll shop. Anything that doesn't get bought, ain't getting bought.
Love the rocket surgery reference. I always get such confused looks when I work it into a conversation. hehehe

Good luck with the bell ringing.
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