Monday, December 04, 2006

Lovely, Lovely Stuff

No, not this, though it is kinda cute. That's a sweater for Dulaan. Pattern in an old Knitter's (Summer '90). Yarn is Lopi and Lopi-look-alike Gjestal Naturgarn bits leftover from adult-size sweaters I've made over the past 2 years.

There's lots more where that came from, so I expect I'll be making some more with this yarn

Here's the first pretty. The YOs are a bit sloppy, but the overall effect is pretty nice.

Pattern is from Hayfield Novelty Knits (7091), no (c) date, but a pretty strict warning against copying in any form.

I think I can truthfully say that i have used this particular booklet of patterns more than any other in my vast library. Of "over 40" designs (there are exactly 41, but who's counting?) I have made up 8 or more (20%). Considering that I have many books and booklets from which I have knat not, that's not so shabby!

Finished size is 15" point to point. Yarn is Bernat Club Soft (cotton ack blend-discontinued).

I have the day off and have spent it productively maxing out the credit card, not on Christmas presents, but on flooring and a new dishwasher and stove (cooking on 2 burners was getting old). Wednesday, I take my car in for service. And I scraped the basement wall and touched up the paint. Life of glamor, I'm telling ya!
Very nice doily! And I envy your glamorous life. Today I had a parent-teacher meeting, am doing laundry, will warm up leftovers for dinner and then maybe clean the bathroom.

Clearly I live ~almost~ as glamorously as you do ...
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