Sunday, December 03, 2006

Beginning of December

and time for the obligatory Keep Sheepie Honest About the State of the UFO Pile post.

For your viewing pleasure (eyes left, please), beginning top left and continuing clockwise (in a digital age, that phrase is a bit dated, no?), ending in the center: Dulaan Sweater #1, Ragg Selfish September UFO, Second (or First) Aran, new project (the white blob--picture later today, perhaps), dark green (barely visible) square for Ship Support afghan, Dulaan Sweater #2, and in the center, green tunic that may be frog-bait very soon.

So, what's on your pile?
unfortunately, my pile can be seen on my blog; I had planned to "organize" it over the weekend, but have yet to figure out the way that will work for me. Any suggestions?
Dulaan sweater #1 is beautiful! You have wonderful color sense.
my sons' school has clocks with hands. however, they DO NOT WORK. none of them. go figger.
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