Thursday, November 02, 2006

One Down

Okay, there's a good chance that I can finish both Arans on schedule if I pace myself.

I have a good start on Aran #1 (the cardigan) and yesterday, I finished 1/24 of Aran #2 (the pullover). This one could be a birthday present (birthday is 11/25). Hmmm. Am I cutting it too close? Aran #1 could be a Christmas gift. They could both be Christmas presents. Or maybe St. Patrick's Day gifties.

Come on. Is there any chance in hell? Am I going the way of the Harlot? Have I taken complete leave of my senses? Am I overbooking the few vacation days I still have left (and scheduled)?

The answers are: no, possibly, but I could do worse, yes, and absolutely!

And the solution is? Someone, please tell me.
Sorry, Ann, there's no cure.
But what is that gorgeous Aran pattern? It's exactly what I've been looking for. You know, so I can make two or three by Christmas [falls to ground, cackling wildly. . .] (you can answer me at elizabeth DOT a DOT durand AT gmail DOT com, if you have time or inclination)
You forgot the most important question: Are you having fun? If the answer is Yes, the other questions are immaterial.

Go for it!

(p.s.: doesn't seem like you need the caffeine - you are a marvel, woman!)
Ann, I seriously believe that you can finish both sweaters with one being for 11/25 and one for Christmas. And I know your ragg can be finished this week, too. I have great faith in you!
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