Monday, May 01, 2006

Well, That Was Fun!

If there is no text, and you attempt to delete a picture that is duplicated, Blogger will zap them all.

Carry on!

Here's a teaser. Sock/slipper made on size 9s with Kool Wool. This is the prototype, and I am pleased enough to be making a second. It's almost as far along as this one. I'll finish it today during a doctor's (yeh, that one) today.

Recipe: Cast on 30. Rib for 10 rows. Work 2 stockinette rows. Heel flap on 14 for 11 "slip 1s". Turn heel. Pick up 11 each side of the gusset. Decrease EOR, Knit even to 1" shorter than finished sock/slipper. Decrease every round to 10, draw up fasten off. Repeat.

And here's the Cupcake Beanie. Note the lack of either pom or pom.

I believe I explained myself clearly in a previous post.

This house is a pompom-free zone!

Alternate view.

I believe there's enough thread/yarn left to make booties. I will divide each color into two equal balls and commence work.
Thanks for the instructions. I shall make this my next project for SS.
So what is the 'replacment for a pom pom' called? Long i cord?

Magpie syndrome. I believe I've suffered from it for decades.
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