Monday, May 01, 2006


Yes, I started another. It's a sock. In Kool Wool. For Ship Support. Stripes. Navy and denim. Admit it. You knew I would!

dragon knitter asked about my plans for the red Frenzy. I looked through Big Needle Afghans for something to use it for. Think I found it. Must swatch before I show it. It'll be "toddler" size. (I'll call it a lap robe for the fair.) Bright red, fuzzy, yep. Toddler afghan. Swatching is mandatory, particularly the washing and drying of the swatch! I doubt that 30% natural fibers will have a lot of effect but better to be safe than sorry, no?

I think I'll make a center out baby blankie with the pastels. They all look good together. (That's assuming that the yarn passes the wash/dry test!)

And I finished the three pairs of slippers last night. I'll mail them after work today. Baby hat is still under construction (24 stitches , or thereabouts, left to decrease).

We bought a little garden bench for Flower Gazing and Cat Petting and Knitting In the Yard Under a Tree. It'll also be useful as extra seating at the dining table. It was KD (that's furniture techie talk for "not put together"). It needed to be painted, so we bought two spray cans of "apple green" paint. Emptying the contents of two big cans of paint onto an unsuspecting bench is very painful on the trigger finger. :ouch: Putting it together did not lead to bloodshed, so now there is a lovely little apple green bench under the magnificent magnolia.

There has been some recent discussion on the knit lists about magpie syndrome. I really haven't paid much attention, because, lord knows, I don't have it!

Imagine my surprise when the Other Half and I were shopping for cheap (er, inexpensive) new glassware to replace that which is looking dishwasher worn, when "ooo, shiny" became the buzzword as I flitted from wok to pitcher to plates to all manner of lovely stuff (none of which we need) before finally settling on some fairly plain drinking glasses.

And, day-um! if it didn't happen again at Home Depot while we were picking up paint (see above). Do you have any idea how many "ooo, shiny" things there are at Home Depot?


Come to think of it, my propensity for multiple projects could be just another symptom of "ooo, shiny." Just a thought.
You have put a name to my problem. Interesting - Magpie Syndrome. Thank you.

I was the Tree the other day with my dh and saw all that yarn too. I didn't realize it had some woolie stuff in it. Might have to rethink.

How many balls do you think your "lap robe" will take?

i'm a definite suffer of "oooooo shiny". i just got 3 new skeins of wool, some of which is the same color as the sock i'm working on right now, and be damned if i don't want to rip the needles out of this one and cast on in the same damned color for myself! (these are sock pal000za socks)
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