Saturday, May 06, 2006

In Praise of Modern Life

Dinner is cooking in here. The house smells wonderful. You know Bubba's on the Outer Banks? Like that!

I just need to throw together some cole slaw, warm up the Bush's Best Original Recipe Baked Beans, break out the rolls, and dinner's on the table.

Yes, this is the same crock pot I use for Dyeing. When you use food grade dyes, you can do that.

And now a word from our sponsor:

This stuff makes very good pork bar-b-q sammiches!

Takes all day, but it's worth it. (Costs $1.40 or so for that leetle pouch. So worth that, too!)

We have "company" this weekend (the Older Kid and the New Daughter-In-Law). They are easy company (have gone hiking in the Boulder Field up in Hickory Run State Park) and are sure to come home hungry as bears.

Food can be on the table in 10 minutes!

Waiting for them to arrive last night, I did some work on the Reunion Mitone, pictured here with the first one as proof that I really am working on #2.

I'm about halfway up the thumb gusset.

I managed one repeat on Branching Out, but had to put it aside to concentrate on last night's movie.

Movie Review: An Unfinished Life stars Robert Redford (who spent way too much time in the sun in his youth) as a curmugeonly old rancher. Morgan Freeman is his sidekick/partner. Jennifer Lopez is the widow of his son.

The story's good, the acting is acceptable. The chemistry between Redford and Freeman is believable. The chemistry between Redford and Becca Gardner (as his granddaughter) unfolds in a touching and tender way. This is a "chick flick" with a lot of "guy" stuff. Camryn Manheim (or half of her) plays J-Lo's friend. She looks terrific!
Boulder Creek looks awesome. Next time I visit my brother (southeast PA) I'll have to stop and check it out.

RR got way too much sun, like the rest of us back then. Baby oil and tanning. What were we thinking?
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