Thursday, May 04, 2006

Getting Ready To Begin In the Middle

I know that these 4 yarn images look the same, but if you look closely, you will notice distinct differences in the 4 yarn images.

All of them are Bernat Frenzy in assorted shades with common colors. The lightest one is Panic Pink, a mix of white, orange, magenta, green, yellow, purple, blue, oh, and pale pink.

The blue-looking one is Blue Berserk and has all the same colors, but the blue is the dominant color.

Then there's Outrageous Orange, again with the same colors, but with a very intense orange.

Two shades of purple are Loonie Lilac (the lighter one) and Ultra Violet (darker shade) again, with all the same shadings as all the others.

Rounding them all out is Black Blast. I took it out in some photos, then put it back in. I think it makes a good accent, but I wouldn't want to use a lot of it.

I'm still deciding on the order of the colors, and whether or not to use the black and the orange.

Without them, Blankie's a bit bland. With them, well, I just don't know.

In any event, we'll be casting on very soon, so I need to make up my mind.

I'm pretty sure there's no more where this came from.

Okay, this is overkill, isn't it?

I should have stopped after 1 picture. Or maybe 2.

Four's really too much.

Over the edge so to speak.

Are you still with me?

Okay, last one.

Note that each one is slightly different and that the position of the colors has changed.

Yes, I probably have lost my mind.

And I miss it a lot.

FO, FO. Mariella posted pictures on April 23 of many adorable booties. Go look. I'll wait.

The ones in the front, the 2-toned job, caught my eye. Thought they'd make great Ship Support slippers, so I tried upsizing. Depending on your POV, it worked, or didn't.

Finished slipper shown next to my size 9.5s. They'll fit a kid, but not a soldier, so they're not going to Ship Support. The Rez will get this pair and I'll try again. Yarn is Red Heart Shetland Chunky (2 strands) on size 10.5 needles.

Reunion update: The second Mitone is on the needles at last. The ribbing is done and I've started the thumb gusset. Progress!

And in other knitting news: Diamond Patch and Branching Out are still whimpering in the corner. I do wish they would pipe down!
How can yarn pictures be overkill? Is it possible?

And what is the Bernat destined to be? Nothing you can make by rolling dice, is it? I can't wait to try that trick out. Next conference/roadtrip/etc.

Oh, let them whimper. It's their own fault.
I like all the combinations, but the 2 with the Black Blast kinda grabbed my eye.

And your slippers are looking good!
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