Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, that's over

We had 3 hours for the certification exam. I was finished in an hour. Checked over my work.

The booklet said that there were 100 questions, 90 "for real" and 10 "pilot." I slogged along and ran out of questions at #90. No, really.

I thought my booklet was defective.

Turns out, there are only 90 questions. Period.

For sure, I missed 4, maybe 5.

Decent showing.


I worked on my car slipper before the test started. Just to calm my nerves a little.


When I got home, I slogged away on the Diamond Patch. I am almost at the point I was when I frogged the whole damned thing. And it's going to be the right size. (Or close to it.) These smaller diamonds work up much faster.


Plotting out the vacation knitting (7+ hours in the car each way), so I'm ready to pack up:

Diamond Patch Sweater (I could finish this driving, um, riding, and it's no-look knitting for the most part, so completely doable!)

Reunion Mittens and Hat (Must find hat needles to pack.)

Branching Out scarf (Well-started, lightweight, transportable.)

There will be yarn crawl time (how often have I typed that this week?) so I am taking along Joy Gammon's Knitted Toys in hopes of finding some nice washable wool to make the elephant.
I remember that test. I took it in September. Loads of fun. It was a lot easier than I feared, but the class was duller than dishwater. Of course, now I'm a compulsive hand-washer...
Nothing wrong w/compulsive hand washing.

Yay for finishing the test! And yay for it being 10 questions short! So is this trip the reunion trip?
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