Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gettin' Ready

Certification is highly recommended .

Since I supervise the person who oversees the food safety of our member agencies' kitchens, it's pretty important that I know what she's looking for. In about 12 hours, it'll all be over but the cheering (or weeping). Wish me luck!

It's 100 questions. Multiple guess, er, choice. How hard could it be??

(Pretty hard!)

What's the minimum temperature for heat sanitizing kitchen equipment?

Something to think about: That "oily" cooking smell so prevalent in multi-family dwellings (think college town apartments) is probably not cooking odors!

Here's the latest car knitting project.

Ship support has switched to slipper knitting now that the weather's warming up. As I type this, it's 82 degrees in Doha (it snowed here yesterday).

Slippers are used "off duty," while sleeping, and for med-evac.

(Basic Aunt Alm's pattern in Red Heart Shetland Chunky from Smiley's.)

And pretty as the colors are, I'm just not sure about any of Elann's Tuesday offerings for April.

I'm thinking I should have joined that yarn fast everyone's doing!

Yarn crawl on the horizon! We head to the shore on Saturday for a very few (way too few) days.
No, no, no. Yarn fasting is a terrible thing to do.

It's always too few days but they're well deserved! You'll do fine on the test. Almost over! Or maybe already over. Time is really skewed in my world.
So what is the oily smell?
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