Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flash Your Stash

April 1 is Fool's Day. And it's the day to show off stash.

Ever the sheep, here's mine:




Some of the mohair

The stuff I use for Ship Support

The Shetland

Some cool handpainted wool and some more hair of the mo

Sock stuff (solids)

More sock stuff (not solids)
Blogger is simply refusing to put the last two pictures (sock yarn intended for babywear and cones o' cotton) so you will just have to believe that they exist.

That's 53.5 miles of yarn!
Now that is what I call a real stash. None of this nonsense other people have been tiptoeing around, coyly flashing ...

Yes, I'm gonna do mine, but half of it is in storage, so it won't look too scary *g*
I am such a slacker. My stash is so miserably small compared to yours that I hang my head in shame. While head-hanging I bow to your stash.
Too Neat!! You are putting the rest of us to shame--all of my stash is in either plastic bags or in 18 gallon totes. (And most are not see-thru either!) I probably never will count them--I just do not want to know where I went wrong!! If you wish to join another group, the forum is really good!! No guilt trips there, either! Just great help from great people.
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