Thursday, March 02, 2006

Warm, Wooly, Wonderful

They aren't new, but today was the perfect day for this pair of handknit wool socks.

The morning started with sleet, progressed to freezing rain. For a short while, it snowed, then rained.

By the time I was driving home, the temperature was hovering about 32 degrees and the rain had turned back to sleet.

Perfect day for warm wool socks.

Of course, there are down sides to all the good stuff. Half my coworkers are sick and the other half are catching it or getting over it. I swear, I feel like Typhoid Mary!

I think I'd like to be able to stay home and knit. . .socks.
I have the same socks, but not wearing them today, I made them a couple of years ago. I don't remember whether they are Yawool or Froelich Yarn, anyway I like them a lot. I am wearing a pair of Opals , and they just barely keep my feet warm. Only 75% wool.
They look warm, comfy and gorgeous.
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