Thursday, February 09, 2006

On Your Mark, Get Set

Olympic Countdown is officially in progress!

My Head Coach, Penny the Undercat, has lowered herself to inspect the potential yarns for the steeked baby sweater! Believe me, it was a chore.

I had already chosen the yarn, Pingouin Pingofrance II, a machine washable sportweight acrylic and wool bend (75/25) that has been aging for years first in someone else's stash, then in mine for at least 5 years. It is time!

Her assistant has kindly spread them out (unusual), because Sparky the bob-tailed wonder cat (formerly kitten) doesn't generally play with the yarn on the hoof, prefering to "dance" on completed afghans and sweaters.

Together, the three of us decided on a lovely caramel color (okay, it's the only color I have in sufficient quantity - 250 grams) would be the main color, the pretty sun-gold would be the "big" CC (100 grams) and the navy (for a dark CC) and the medium blue would be the other two colors (5o grams each).

Those of you who took art in high school and had a halfway decent teacher (personally, I had the best in the whole world, but I digress) had at least a little color theory and know that the medium blue is roughly complimentary to the caramel (which has a bit of an orange-y cast).

We got all our materials together except the scissors, and (okay, slap me now) some itty bitty "Norwegian" pewter buttons. No, there aren't any in that bag-o-buttons. Honestly! The only silver ones in the bag are too darned big (though they'd be perfect--they are hearts).

I'm thinking about getting a clasp instead of buttons, and I had better decide fast if I'm going to finish in time to earn my medal!

We put everything together in its own little traveling basket so that we'll be ready to cast on at the crack of 4. (I have to work to pay for buttons, remember?)

See how nicely the colors go together? Color theory, learned at the knee of a master. (Also a heartfelt desire to use up stash and not buy more yarn because we all know how this is going to turn out, don't we? The coaches and I are going to panic at the thought of cutting this knitted piece, frog the whole thing and start over knitting back and forth!)

Paranoid? Honest? You decide.

Lady Baltimore asked about the pattern on the red hat on yesterday's entry. It's the old "cast on 80" pattern. I started with gray and cast on 80, ribbed for about an inch and a half, then brought in the red (claret) and continued in stockinette, 3 stitches of each color, alternating. Because the 80 stitches isn't evenly divisible by 3, the pattern forms the diagonal. Yes. it was planned.
I want to be reincarnated as one of your cats and climb into that basket of yarn.
Cool, thanks for the pattern.

I love all of the pictures of your 2 "coaches" and it looks like the sweater set came out great. :)
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