Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Minutes to Spare

Not even 5 knitting hours later!

Cute little sweater, all finished and ready to wrap.

Time for bed?

You betcha!

Really cute, Ann! Oh, yes,.....skip on over to www.schoolhousepress.com for the gorgeous new live site!
That is absolutely adorable. That's incerdibly fast.
That is one darn cute sweater. I have a couple of babies to knit for this spring - think I'll have to obtain that book.
that is a cute pattern. i've got the boy's version, which eliminates the yarn overs. i've got that version as well, but for some reason, i can't make it come out properly. i did it in red heart bikini for charity around september or october, and it turned out gorgeously. it is a good pattern, isn't it.
I knew I should have picked that instead for the Olympics.

It's lovely!

dnsnweaz, indeed (verifiation word)
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