Sunday, February 05, 2006

Clear Sunday Morning Thoughts

Clearly, I have a problem with Excel. For the past couple months, my yarn spreadsheet has shown yarn poundage in the 100+ range after being in the 80s for a good long time.

This month, I'm back below 85. Would that my personal weight would come off so easily.

Clearly, there was a mistake in the formulas used to calculate the various benchmarks.

Clearly, it has resolved itself for the time being.

So, this morning (after I adjusted my totals in the sidebar), I updated the new acquisitions to my stash.

Clearly, I have a problem.

And it isn't just yarn that's at issue here, folks.

You've seen my bead stash (July 26, 2005, if you've forgotten it). I've hinted about my book collection, my pattern stash. This is just part of the book collection. There's a pile by my yarn stash, another pile on the desk, a pile next to the bed, and a pile in a basket next to my spot on the sofa.

There is no shortage of knitting books.

There are patterns and magazines, too. Just sayin'.

The Pound of Buttons that I ordered from the Button Drawer came.

The triangle ones in the lower left corner of the picture are the ones I actually needed and are not as tiny as they look(for my Adult Surprise Jacket For Me). The big white button on the right is a full 2" across. How could I pass up a bargain like this? An entire pound of novelty buttons for a mere $8 US.

I have restrained myself from opening the package (so far), but I can see a number of buttons that will set off baby and kid sweaters just perfectly! And many of them are there in sufficient quantity (there are at least 6 Bears in Business Suits and 6 or more Orange Elephants with Yellow Dots) that I won't need to "get creative" in order to have "enough."

I really needed more buttons.

FSM knows that there aren't enough in this cabinet

or in these well-organized boxes

or in any of the other places where buttons tend to lurk (and I haven't even looked in the Junk Drawer).

It isn't like I don't have them in sets and singles and really cool groups (10 different flower-shaped buttons in 4 different colors, complete with another dozen smaller, but similar ones, for just one example).

Clearly, it's a sickness, and, like Camille, I will wallow in it.

Vaccinations are probably not available.
Oh, wow. I'm verklempt.
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