Sunday, January 01, 2006


Last December 31, I posted resolutions for 2005.

Here's the outcome:

Goals for 2005:

Knit more!

**Uh, no. I obviously knit less.
Use up stash.

** Nope, not this one either. I have 4500 yards more than this time last year.
Try new fibers (linen? hemp? silk? cashmere? camel? ramie? tencel?)

** Tried silk, tried cashmere. Own some linen, now. Looks like 50/50.
Work with new colors.

** Well, I experimented with flavors of pink. Does that count?

. . .and maybe, try the drop spindle and fleece I got for Xmas 3 years ago??

**It's still collecting dust :sigh:
Well then, you can just recycle the same resolutions for next year! Problem solved.

You're welcome.
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