Saturday, January 07, 2006


I just had to share my latest Tree find!

Look at these nifty plastic baskets I picked up at the Dollar Tree for a buck (yep, 4, all different colors--these two, plus purple and a lighter orange. Why?)

They're a real good size to hold a small project or odd balls waiting for a project, and the holes in the sides control circular needles very nicely.

This one hold the odd balls that will become my next lengthwise garter scarf.

And speaking of tools, I was waxing nostalgic over my "hobby" (this one!) and dug out my oldest needles, just because I still have them.
The long skinnies are Susan Bates. 8s, 3s, 1s that belonged to my mother. They've taken a beating over the years and deserve to retire. The short skinnies (Boye 5s) were hers, too. They're the ones I learned to knit on back in '54 or '55.

The green ones are plastic (Boye 15s) and date from the late 60s. I bought those myself and made perhaps 100 or more winter hats on them (double stranded worsted weight, sort of a tam) for about $2 each (plus yarn) and a bunch of scarves. That was how I kept myself in spending money my freshman and sophomore years in college.

I sometimes use the 5s, but the others have been stowed away for years as my preference these days is for circulars. Nylon are my favorites. All the rest are a distant second even (blasphemy) my Addis. The nylon ones (mostly Bates, I believe) have 1) nice points, 2) smooth joins and 3) warmth. It doesn't get much better, does it?

I'll be firing up the green ones this weekend. To make scarves for the techies that saved my butt the other day. Black. Long. Acrylic (because they are guys and do their own laundry). At least it's TLC. I figure I owe them big time!
It'd be faster and less painful just to blow them.

I mean really, dude, TWO scarves in BLACK ack?

Want me to do one of them for you? The scarves. I don't do boys any more. *g*
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